Work and Live in China is a teacher recruitment agency, specializing in assisting English speakers with finding the best teaching jobs in China.

We believe in providing an honest, professional and supremely effective job placement service for our teachers. Since 2013 we have helped hundreds of teachers to find ESL jobs in China and aim at finding the best suitable position according to your preference or location and salary.

As one of the top companies authorized by the Chinese government SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair P.R.China ) so far it has successfully hired and placed hundreds of foreign teachers to teach English in China.

The choice of workplace can range from kindergartens, public primary schools, and public high schools, to colleges or universities.

We provide programs for native and non-native speakers in any part of China with a great opportunity to travel, to experience local culture and to get well-paid.

With the large database of private and public schools, kindergartens and training courses in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, and other cities we can find you a perfect position according to your preferences and skills.

We make a fee from schools, which means we are able to offer a completely free service to teachers. There are no fees whatsoever and absolutely no salary deductions.

Work and Live in China is your reliable partner to create a better future for the world and kids!

Meet our team

Ligen Wang, Founder & Manager of Work and Live in China

Ligen Wang

Founder & Manager

I was born in China. I studied at BLCU university in Beijing and majored in English Linguistics. While I was studying I was working at an online English school for a while. Not long after that I started working as a manager at Work and Live in China. I have never been this satisfied working for any other company. I really like to meet new people, especially people from all over the world. In my spare time, I like playing football. Also, I enjoy playing poker with my friends.

John, Marketing and Public relations in Work and Live in China

John Morris

Senior Recruiter

My name is John Morris, I am a Senior Recruiter at Work and Live in China. I have been living in China for almost 7 years now. I started as an English teacher in a training center, but at some point, I thought it would be a good idea to help others discover this amazing country, and Work and Live in China is the best place to fulfill my goal. I help English speakers and education institutions in China meet each other and find a great job for the teacher. I really like working with people, and I always liked the English language, so this is a perfect job for me and an opportunity to help hundreds of people discover China and its beauty.

David Mitchell, our webmaster in Work and Live in China

David Mitchell

Senior Recruiter

I used to teach English in China for 3 years before becoming a recruiter at Work and Live in China. Coming here was one of the most important decisions and I am glad I had the courage to come to China and start a new chapter of my life. China is the land of opportunities and I never regret coming here: traveling, meeting people from all over the wold, Chinee culture, local cuisine, architecture, language, modern cities, and technology everywhere... you can go on and on. The job I do helps me to change the lives of others by starting their career as an English teacher. I am keen on sports, traveling and cars, love learning new languages and playing soccer.

Alexandra Taylor, Senior Recruiter at Work and Live in China

Alexandra Taylor

Senior Recruiter

China has always been my personal must-be-done goal. I'd been teaching English here for a few years. I really enjoyed it a lot, especially those extra privileges like beautiful landscapes, skyscrapers, local food, and national celebrations. One fine day I ran into the available position of a support team manager at "Work and Live in China". It sounded quite huge for me. I made up my mind to change my job and to be a part of this cool team. I like learning Spanish, going to the movies, working out and traveling.

Emma Hayes, Recruiter at Work and Live in China

Emma Hayes


Back when I was a teen, I used to love learning about the culture and traditions of the oldest civilizations in the world. But at that time I had no idea that I could ever live and work in this stunning, incredible country. When I came to teach English to China, this country won my heart and I decided to stay here. I’m absolutely sure that it was my best decision ever. I’ve travelled a lot, but I’ve never seen such diversity in landscapes, local food and national celebrations. China is the world of the most magical possibilities, and I want to help everyone to see this magic.

Jiang Li, Consultant at Work and Live in China

Jiang Li


I am Chinese and was born in China. I live in Beijing at the moment and I’m happy to be a part of the Work and Live in China team. Working as a recruitment consultant helps me to fulfill my goals of helping others, to travel and grow professionally. Traveling is my passion. I love an active lifestyle, I have a love for sports, especially climbing. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym. Sometimes I draw pictures to relax. I’m open-minded, cheerful and enjoy meeting new people


Meeting you

Meeting at the airport upon arrival in China and accompanying you

SIM card

We provide you with a local sim card so you can always be in touch

Bank account

Help to open a bank account and a debit card upon arrival to China

The necessary teaching material

You will be provided with all necessary teaching materials.

Selection of vacancies

The largest selection of opportunities in various China cities.

Free accommodation

You are provided with free comfortable accommodation both in big and small cities.

24/7 phone line

Our team always stays in touch when you are in China. Feel free to contact us at any time when it's needed.

Contract completion bonus

7000 - 10000 RMB ($1000-1500) contract completion bonus by the end of a year program.

Travel plan consultancy

For local traveling, we organize a travel plane around China for you to visit beautiful destinations

Have you always dreamed of living and traveling around China? Don't have teaching experience or a degree but still want to apply for a job? You are at the right place!

We offer English teaching positions in different cities of China and can find just the right one for you, for free.