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Teaching English in Xuzhou kindergarten
Kindergarten Teaching Jobs in China Why is preschool education among the most popular jobs in China? Even though fertility rates in China are considerably low – 1.635 children per woman, the annual number of newborns is extreme: on the average, Chinese mothers give birth to around 16 million of new kids every single year! You
Jobs for foreigners in Hangzhou, China
“Why work and teach English in China?” you might ask. China might seem an unrealistic option for some people, but in fact, it’s so the opposite! China welcomes to teach English – native or non-native ones – as the language is constantly in high demand: more than 390 million people here are learning or have learned
Amazing city view in China
Have you ever asked yourself ‘Why do people choose to move to China’? We are sure, you have, or at least you are now. It’s hard to explain ‘why’, because when you get to know the country better, you’ll just know, it’s awesome – but that won’t persuade you, will it? That’s why we came
ESL teaching English abroad
Speaking about teaching English both abroad and to foreigners in your country, there are three different certifications you can obtain: TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA. In this post, we’ll be focusing on TEFL and TESOL certificates and which one you need to be an English teacher overseas. What is TEFL/TESOL certification? The acronym TEFL means teaching