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If you’re thinking about traveling to China for your next holiday, or even move here for at least a year to teach English as a second language, you probably have lots of questions, such as where in China should you go? Or how much does it cost to live in China? What places to visit? So let us take you on a (virtual) journey with our blog to explore the wonderful country of China.

5 Common Cultural Mistakes Foreigners Make When Working in China
You’re always going to come across cultural differences when working in any foreign country. Some of these are obvious, while others are so subtle you might not even realize you screwed up. Below is an overview of some of the most common and innocuous mistakes foreigners make when working in China. 1. Contradicting your boss in front of
6 Tips for Achieving a Work-Life Balance in China
Say what you like about China, but if anyone’s statement is true, it’s that people here work hard. Whereas in the West employees generally clock in at 9 am and out again at 5 pm, here in China people often work until the job is done, whether that means into the night or on weekends.
8 Survival Tips for Your First Job in China
So you’ve got a job in China. It’s a brand new opportunity that’s no doubt pretty scary and pretty exciting. No matter how qualified you are or how hard you work, there are some important things you need to know. Here are 8 survival tips for your first job in China. 1. Speak Chinese Whether you’re completely
4 Ways to Navigate Cultural Differences When Living in China
Whether you’ve lived in China for a while or are just visiting, you’ll likely come across some pretty stark cultural differences. Identifying these differences is important, but even more so is learning to deal with them, either on a personal or professional level. Without further ado, here are four ways to navigate cultural differences when living in China.
How Can China Remedy its Post-Coronavirus Reputation
As the COVID-19 epidemic wanes in China, the global fight against the virus is far from over. China’s international reputation has taken a battering, with issues arising about transparency and handling of the virus, as well as faulty medical equipment and test kits that have since been sent to other countries. Several Western governments have
5 Bad Habits to Avoid Picking Up as an Expat in China
It is worryingly easy to develop bad habits when living as an expat in China. At the same time, it’s very difficult to recognize the bad habits you’ve already acquired.  Whether you’re new to China or a veteran expat, watch out for the following bad habits and don’t let them get their claws in. 1. Relying on locals to
Teaching English to Very Young Children
English proficiency is an important indicator of social status in China, so many Chinese parents want their children to start learning as early as possible.  Students as young as two and three usually begin with some basic English in kindergarten. If you’re new to teaching ESL or have little experience with this age group, here are seven

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