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If you’re thinking about traveling to China for your next holiday, or even move here for at least a year to teach English as a second language, you probably have lots of questions, such as where in China should you go? Or how much does it cost to live in China? What places to visit? So let us take you on a (virtual) journey with our blog to explore the wonderful country of China.

Chinese COVID-19 vaccine
China has opened up its domestic Covid-19 vaccination program to diplomats and foreign journalists in Beijing. In a notice sent to foreign correspondents on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) invited journalists to sign up for the Sinopharm vaccine on a voluntary basis. Diplomats from foreign missions, as well as any family members aged
COVID-19 Antibody
Covid-19 antibodies protect from reinfection for at least nine months, according to a new Chinese study published in The Lancet medical journal. The study of 9,500 Wuhan residents saw participants tested for antibodies in April 2020, shortly after lockdown was lifted in the city of 11 million, again in June, and for a third time
China Travel Restrictions, Entry & Quatantine Policy for Foreigners
 (Updated March 18th, 2021) After a year of barring entry by most foreign citizens, China’s government plans to ease restrictions for those who have been inoculated against Covid-19. The hitch for now: Only vaccines made in China will qualify. Several Chinese embassies overseas have now published details of visa applications on their websites. These include Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Denmark, Gabon, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Norway, Pakistan,
Learning Chinese Mandaring Online
Have you been interested in learning Mandarin Chinese recently, but have no idea how to start with it? This article is for all beginners and learners who want to learn Chinese but don’t know quite how to start. Enjoy it. 1. Determine if Learning Mandarin Chinese is Right for You Chinese is a fun and

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