Learn more about English teaching jobs in China and how the program works

Asia could be one of those special dreams which we never seem to have the courage to make come true: firstly, because of its cost, then, because we never seem to have enough time, or simply because new horizons seem too far and too unlikely. Do you have the courage to undertake a big trip?

If the answer is yes, then why not try doing jobs in China for English speakers? Your mission will consist in teaching children, teenagers or adult students at an international school, getting a decent pay and traveling on weekends, meeting new people and discovering new culture.

Getting back to school? Today, language teaching is extremely popular among people of different ages and nationalities, because it doesn’t require a lot, but in return allows you to have a good quality of life, make new friends, and do what you love without being bound to a particular workplace or town. In fact, you get priceless cultural experience, making friends, and discovering exotic places in Asia, and all this because you can speak English and are ready to share and spread your knowledge, isn’t it amazing?

However, it may get difficult to find a reliable school with maximum bonuses, contacting the representatives and doing all the paperwork before the leave may take up plenty of your time and effort, that’s why trusting a recruiter agency is a good idea.

What exactly do we offer?

  1. Jobs for everyone: unlike many other agencies, we offer teaching jobs in China for non-native speakers as well as native ones. Therefore, if your English is good enough, we will find you a decent position.
  2. The highest rates: our purpose is to find a position that will pay more. You don't have to be a native speaker, we will negotiate the best salary for you anyway. ESL teacher salary can be different depending on the city or area population, as well as an institution you work for. Today, there are a lot of English teachers needed in China and the salary is twice as high as for native English speakers compared to Chinese teachers in public or private schools.
  3. 100% free for you: once you sign up, you should not worry about any fees or obligatory payments. Our work is paid by schools, and our task is to find the best candidates and help them through the entire process.
  4. Assistance: although not all the schools provide places to live and some other additional services, we surely do our best to find a solution and negotiate maximum comfort for you. No worries about rentals or legal issues.
  5. Competent recruiters: our agents have answers to any of your questions, quickly find a solution to your problem and know exactly what to do.
  6. Only legal schools: we collect the most appealing China job opportunities for foreigners, and only collaborate with reliable and legal institutions. In other words, there is no risk of you being sent to China without an employment visa or sign a shady contract.
  7. 98% satisfied clients: you’ll get the most suitable position according to what you are looking for, so you will never be disappointed with the result!

No! You don’t pay a cent, because all the expenses are covered by schools. There won’t be any salary deductions or hidden payments.

It depends, but one thing is certain – today ESL teaching salary in China is considerably higher, than that of the local teachers. This money will pay the rent, restaurant food, traveling and there will still be some cash left (teachers may return with as much as $20,000 after a 1-year contract).

Normally, schools pay $1,500-$2,500, we can offer positions, that go up to $3,000 per month. Plus, we’ll ensure, that you also receive a contract completion bonus (~ $1000).

There is no unique answer to this question because it really depends on your habits and your lifestyle. However, the salary for teaching English in China is likely to increase your purchasing power remarkably and get a very decent and comfortable living. For instance, basic expenses like 1-bedroom apartment rent, bills, transport fees, and simple food will not exceed $630-$700. But if you eat out often and won’t accept Chinese food, be prepared to pay more. Most schools cover rent, bills, and your transport fees, so, if this is the case, you could save up even more of your monthly payments.

Especially if the school is located in one of the cities of the big four, sharing an apartment with another foreign teacher will be a good idea, because rent there can be quite expensive. Eating local food will also let you save more for traveling and entertainment.

If you don’t possess a degree or TEFL certification, but really want to teach in Asia, that’s not a big deal, because it is easily arranged and we will still be able to provide you with a job. Today, hundreds of schools, kindergartens and tutoring centers in China need English teachers, and this is a great opportunity to find TEFL or TESOL certification jobs. You simply have to be fluent in English, no other requirements.

A better option, of course is if a candidate holds a Bachelor’s degree so that he/she could apply for a more well-paid job. Fortunately, a degree in English or education is not necessary; it can be anything. 

To earn more a teacher has to have a TEFL certificate with a minimum of 100 hours of training (120+ hours for some cities). Actually, TESOL and CELTA certifications are also accepted, since these are practically the same thing. We provide certification provide during the program so you will be able to increase your income with us.

In order to get a Chinese visa, all you need to do is to call your local Chinese embassy and ask them what's needed. Most importantly, we can assist you with all documents and procedure and help you come to China faster and start working.

You’ll have to pay for the ticket yourself, but the money will be returned. Every teacher gets a 7000 RMB ($1000 USD) contract completion bonus by the end of a year program. Plus, we compensate 3000 RMB for the actual flight ticket. There will be someone to meet you at the airport too.

Schools have their own policies. Both in smaller cities and big cities housing is provided and rent and bills are often paid for by the employer. All our ESL jobs in China go with free accommodation. If it's a big city, most likely you'll get a shared apartment. In case of a small city like Weihai, Qingdao then you will be living in a studio apartment all by yourself.

Yes, for sure. All schools, offering teaching jobs in China for native speakers provide insurance for them, so whenever you feel sick or in case of injury, you can see a doctor right away.

There are several types of insurance coverage to choose from: cheaper ones will cover medical visits and prescribed medicine at public hospitals, premium packages have extended coverage, including international medical centers. You choose the option and its cost will be deducted from your pay on a monthly basis. Ask about it at the interview with your school and make your decision.

Yes, you can. You’ll have free weekends, national holidays and around 10 days of annual vacation. It’s not obligatory to speak any Mandarin Chinese during trips, because you can arrange a holiday with your local English-speaking colleagues or get on a tour for foreigners.

Our agency provides TEFL jobs in many cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dongguan, Chongqing, Shenyang, as well as jobs in rural China with even more competitive salaries (since the cost of living is lower). There are three kinds of schools in China that need English teachers: public institutions, private schools, and language centers, where they teach adult students. Public schools usually have around 50 children in each class, if you aren’t ready to work with such groups, a private school might be a solution, since they limit the number of students to 12 or 15.

Training centers are more easy to teach at cause the number of kids in each class does not exceed 10-12 kids. The age of kids varies from 3-12 years old.

To teach kids in kindergarten is probably the most exciting of all, the kids' age is around 3-6 years old, they are, all eager to learn and are interested in foreign English classes,

Don’t be afraid of public schools though, because every foreign teacher there normally gets a Chinese Teaching Assistant, who helps control the class, provides necessary materials and may sometimes help with translation (if there is a problem and students don’t understand you, which is rare). 

Please visit our Testimonials page to learn more about work in China for English speakers and actual teachers’ experience there. We will update this section regularly, adding new client stories and useful articles. In addition, we advise you to look for Youtube channels and personal blogs of those, who have already worked here and share living tips. This will help you prepare properly for the trip and make your adaptation time easier.

It’s not a problem. Actually, teaching English as a second language in China implies absolute immersion in the language, so it’s not only okay for you not to speak a word in Chinese – using it in class and translating is disapproved. After work, a survival level of Mandarin may be useful, but not needed, since many restaurants have menus in English, road and street signs are also multilingual. In fact, many ESL teachers don’t speak any Chinese after a few years’ contracts there, so there is no risk of getting lost or starved.

Of course, those who are willing to learn the language and discover the culture, can easily sign up for Mandarin Chinese classes or get a tutor. Many schools help newcomers and may even provide materials for self-education.

If you feel like going to China, be ready to spend at least 12 months there, because, due to visa conditions, teaching programs can not be shorter than a year. After contract completion, you’ll receive a bonus. The majority of ESL teachers usually prolong contracts, because the money is good and the experience is priceless.

Normally, foreigners teach about 15-30 hours per week (in fact, they rarely work over 20h). If you sign a contract for 20 hours, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be as many classes: if they don’t have enough students, there’ll be fewer classes, but this won’t affect the salary. Every week a teacher spends from 10 to 15 hours at the office, preparing for classes, planning lessons, writing feedback, answering students’ questions, and creating demo lessons for those, who wish to see what it will be like, after they enroll.

Side note: English teachers in China are allowed to tutor students, but the employer has to be informed about it first. Attention, tutoring school clients is forbidden. Those jobs give extra cash and may slightly affect your schedule, too.

Both positions for natives and jobs for non native English teachers in China usually have a stable schedule: 5 days workweek and 2 consecutive days off.  These are likely to be Saturday and Sunday, since local employees also stay at home on weekends. But this may be different, if you sign a contract with language courses, because then there might be work in the evening and on weekends. Anyway, days off are a norm, schedules are usually discussed before signing a contract.

Yes, according to the law, any employee – local or foreign – is entitled to paid sick leave. If your experience in this particular school is less than 2 years, you are likely to get paid 60% of your daily pay. If your contract terminates during your sick leave, the school will be obliged to prolong it until your sick-leave period is over and continue paying your daily wages.

During the first year of your teaching English in China, you normally have 10 days vacation plus 11 or 15 days of national holidays. There are schools, that do not work during the Spring Festival, so if you are hired at one of those, there’ll be more weeks off in total, but beware, not the entire period may be paid.

Please fill in the application, so that we could get your contact information and contact you back to discuss the details. You will be able to ask one of our recruiters about jobs for ESL teachers or anything you want to know or are unsure about. Your questions are very welcome, so feel free to ask!

Apply now and we will find you a great ESL job in China