Teach English in Dalian

Benefits and requirements

    • Education:
      No bachelor degree required but will be a benefit to get a higher salary
    • TEFL Certification:
      TEFL/TESOL Certification is preferred but not necessary since we provide a free certificate (online or offline at your choice) when you arrive and start your work at a school
    • Other requirements:
      - English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

      - Willingness to stay with the school for 12 or 15 months
      - Passion for teaching, indulgence, genuine interest for Chinese culture and an open mind
    • Peak Hiring Months:
    • Types of Jobs:
      International kindergartens, language centers, kindergartens, and training centers
    • Citizenship Requirements: 
      Citizenship from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa typically required. We also hire non-native English speakers with fluent English from other countries.
    • Typical Hiring Process:
      Interview by Skype, Self-introduction video, CV
    • Average teaching hours per week:
      20-25 teaching hours & 15 prep time hours
    • Types of Students:
      Kindergarten education, school children, private students
    • Cost of Living per Month:
      $400-700 USD (2800 - 4900 RMB) depending on your lifestyle, accommodation is free
    • Additional benefits and perks:
      5000 RMB contract completion bonus,
      Airport pickup, Overtime pay, Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation), Help with a bank account, taxes, paying bills, officials and doctors, Pre-job training, Salary increase + yearly bonuses for teachers who stay with the employer, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China
    • Monthly Pay:
      Salary from 9000 up to 16,000 RMB (depends on your qualification, education, skills, , experience, level of English, etc.)
    • Start-up Cost:
      Flight ticket + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary (~$400 USD)
    • Potential to Save or Break-even:
      Typical monthly savings range from $600 - 1100 USD/Month depending on your lifestyle
    • Accommodation Benefits:
      We provide free accommodation to all our teachers (usually very close to the place of work)
    • Flight Reimbursement:
      Flight ticket reimbursement after 6 months (the amount should not exceed 3000 RMB)
    • Vacation - Paid 2 weeks & sick days, national holidays, including Chinese New Year
    • Visas:
      Z Visa is the legal work visa to teach in China, however, teachers may work on other visas depending on their qualification. 



Another perk about teaching jobs for foreigners in Dalian is that you never get to pay for the apartment since schools offer a monthly allowance or free private accommodation.

Professionals from abroad can either live alone or share the apartments with a fellow foreigner if they wish.

  • Help finding an apartment in Dalian: a local English-speaking agent will answer your questions and assist you till you choose a place.
  • All apartments are well-equipped, Western style and convenient. You will get to check out pictures before you arrive and decide which one you prefer.
  • We ensure that our clients get to live in safe and quiet Dalian neighborhoods not far from work, local shops, and entertainment.

What kind of accommodation should you expect?

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What is it like to live in Dalian?

Located in Liaoning, this coastal city is an example of how rich and developed a modern port can be. The Dalian city is a center of fashion, culture, and sports, plus it’s also quite green and is home for many environmental programs.

It also has a pretty developed job market: in Dalian, there are enough jobs for foreigners, especially if you are interested in education and English teaching.

In total there are 200+ different institutions for children and young adults – schools, colleges, universities etc, plus around 86 international centers, offering courses for young and grown-up students.

Salaries and conditions are always good, some are very appealing, which makes the idea to teach at a school in Dalian a great way to combine traveling and rewarding work!

Teaching English in Dalian

What Makes Dalian Unique?

  • Population: over 7 million
  • Language: standard Mandarin + local dialects
  • Public transport: international airport, 2 main railway stations, subway (4 lines), bus routes, taxi
  • Climate: monsoon-influenced humid continental

While browsing through Dalian English teaching jobs it’s normal to be curious about what the city is like and whether it’s worth coming here.

With its climate, ecological situation, cultural heritage, and economy, it’s in top 10 cities for an expat.

The low cost of living, which allows a comfortable existence with as little as $400, and school bonuses make it an outstanding location to teach English in China.

Dalian districts
Dalian jobs for foreigners

Dalian climate

It almost never gets too hot here in summer, average temperatures being 27-28 C (80-82 F). However, the warm season is also the most humid one with around 465 mm of precipitations.

Luckily, most of the rainfall is at night, so if you go out late, don’t forget your umbrella. Winters tend to be dry and cool, which makes local weather extremely agreeable for visitors from abroad.

Breathe in!

Along with the Dalian weather another serious concern is about the air. Fortunately, unlike Beijing or other huge cities, here it’s quite pure and healthy throughout the year. The air pollution index never goes over 100, so the quality is either “good” or “excellent” (July – October).

Enjoy yourself

Sunbathing on the beach, swimming, walking around the beautiful Xinghai square, attending the famous Beer festival, enjoying attractions at the Discovery Kingdom... to make it short, while living in Dalian, you have plenty of options of free time activities!

The city is known to be the “greenest” one in China, so here you’ll find lots of picturesque landscape parks, like Yanwoling, and get climb local hills and the Houshi Mountain.

Dalian Beach

Eat out

Earning $1,500, as most foreigners do here, it’s easy to afford restaurant food and takeaway dinners. Plus, the cuisine is delicious!

The truth about teaching English in China is that it’s your unique chance to try all the exotic dishes for next to nothing: $4.30 for a basic meal or around $10 for a 3-course dinner at a good midrange place.

Food in Dalian, China’s North-East point is a fabulous fusion of Chinese, Korean and Russian cooking.

We strongly recommend sea urechis (worm) dumplings, sea snail sautée and cucumber and jellyfish salad, which all sound very unusual and prove to be extremely tasty and copious. 

Traditional cold noodles with beef broth and pork stew with oysters are also great!

Jelly fish salad in Dalian restaurant

Go out

Living in Dalian as a foreigner you may feel the urge to meet fellow Europeans or any other English speakers as 95% of the local population don’t speak it at all (which is a good thing, if you want to practice your Chinese).

Luckily, the Dalian expat community is quite big, and you can arrange a meeting in no time via specialized Facebook groups or meet someone in the city: at bars and nightclubs like JD’s or the Acapella restaurant.

ESL teaching jobs in Dalian