Teach English in Fuzhou

Benefits and requirements

    • Education:
      No bachelor degree required but will be a benefit to get a higher salary
    • TEFL Certification:
      TEFL/TESOL Certification is preferred but not necessary since we provide a free certificate (online or offline at your choice) when you arrive and start your work at a school
    • Other requirements:
      - English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

      - Willingness to stay with the school for 12 or 15 months
      - Passion for teaching, indulgence, genuine interest for Chinese culture and an open mind
    • Peak Hiring Months:
    • Types of Jobs:
      International kindergartens, language centers, kindergartens, and training centers
    • Citizenship Requirements: 
      Citizenship from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa typically required. We also hire non-native English speakers with fluent English from other countries.
    • Typical Hiring Process:
      Interview by Skype, Self-introduction video, CV
    • Average teaching hours per week:
      20-25 teaching hours & 15 prep time hours
    • Types of Students:
      Kindergarten education, school children, private students
    • Cost of Living per Month:
      $400-700 USD (2800 - 4900 RMB) depending on your lifestyle, accommodation is free
    • Additional benefits and perks:
      5000 RMB contract completion bonus,
      Airport pickup, Overtime pay, Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation), Help with a bank account, taxes, paying bills, officials and doctors, Pre-job training, Salary increase + yearly bonuses for teachers who stay with the employer, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China
    • Monthly Pay:
      Salary from 9000 up to 16,000 RMB (depends on your qualification, education, skills, , experience, level of English, etc.)
    • Start-up Cost:
      Flight ticket + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary (~$400 USD)
    • Potential to Save or Break-even:
      Typical monthly savings range from $600 - 1100 USD/Month depending on your lifestyle
    • Accommodation Benefits:
      We provide free accommodation to all our teachers (usually very close to the place of work)
    • Flight Reimbursement:
      Flight ticket reimbursement after 6 months (the amount should not exceed 3000 RMB)
    • Vacation - Paid 2 weeks & sick days, national holidays, including Chinese New Year
    • Visas:
      Z Visa is the legal work visa to teach in China, however, teachers may work on other visas depending on their qualification. 



Housing in the city is not very expensive: most one-bedroom apartments cost between $295 and $328 per month, but the good news is that you won’t have to bother because most schools provide you with a place to live for free.

This means, that you can save this money and spend it on entertainment. Finding an apartment in Fuzhou will not be a difficult task:

  • All jobs in Fuzhou offer several options for the housing. A professional estate agent will be in charge to look for a place for you.
  • All apartments for foreigners are Western style, modern, furnished and equipped. You’ll get to see pictures and pick the one you prefer.
  • Employees get to live in safe and calm Fuzhou neighborhoods only, not far from the school and shops.

Note, that you’ll still have to pay for utilities, because many schools don’t cover these expenses, but the amount is ridiculously low: $36 – $44 per month.

What kind of accommodation should you expect?

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What is it like to live in Fuzhou?

Even though the name of Fuzhou, China’s traditional small city and capital of the Fujian province, does not sound familiar to most foreigners, it’s one of the richest and most developed places in the country. Plus, it has a 5,000-year history and its streets have something to tell a tourist!

Looking for a job here is a wise decision: with 117 institutions including colleges and secondary schools, and over 24 international schools, it’s clear that the market for teaching jobs for foreigners in Fuzhou is flourishing and you can easily get an interesting position!

Fuzhou, China

What Makes Fuzhou Unique?

  • Population: 7.7 million
  • Language: Mandarin + local dialects
  • Public transport: international airport, high-speed railway stations (2), subway (1 completed line + 5 under construction), buses, taxi
  • Climate: humid subtropical

Most Western people have never even heard of this city, it’s not very popular: with over 7 million people it’s considered to be a “small” provincial capital!

Fuzhou city view
Fuzhou forest walkway
Living in Fuzhou

Fuzhou city is very special and has something to offer to a curious mind:

Cost of living in Fuzhou

The city is among the cheapest places in China: a monthly pass is only $8 or $10, a basic lunch costs $2.20 – $4.46, a beer is $4.

However, if you prefer Western cuisine, you’ll spend considerably more, since a 3-course meal costs around $50 there, which is equal to a train ticket to Shanghai!


Remember to visit 3 Lanes and 7 alleys, which is one of the oldest Fuzhou districts and an impressive architectural complex with beautiful Ming and Qing buildings.

There are 268 houses to see! We also advise you to climb nearby mountains and hills like Qishan, Gushan, the Drum hill and take a train to Xiapu Mudflat to take a few breathtaking pictures.

The Drum hill in Fuzhou
Xiapu Mudflat in Fuzhou

Fuzhou weather

The climate is humid, which means, that there are frequent rains, but the good news is that winters are very short and mild.

January is considered the coldest month, but temperature rares goes below 9 C (48 F)! Another important thing is the air quality: many people ask whether it’s safe to teach English in China in terms of health.

There is no such problem with Fuzhou, which is number 7 on the list of the most environmentally-friendly places in the country.

Try local dishes!

Living in Fuzhou it’d be a crime to stick to European food because local cuisine is one of the 8 Greatest Chinese traditions. Fuzhou dishes are rather light with a mix of sweet and sour taste due to sauces.

Eating out, order local specialty – the fish ball soup, lychee pork, ribs in brown sauce or the famous Fotiaoqiang, which is a mix of poultry and seafood.

While you’ll be teaching in Fuzhou, consider buying traditional snacks for lunch: hujiao bin (spicy bun with filling) and gua bao (a sort of Chinese hamburger), because they are both tasty and nutritious.

gua bao (a sort of Chinese hamburger)

Fuzhou is all about diversity

Why is it considered one of the very best cities in China to teach English? Because it has everything! First of all, it’s quite traditional and has a very particular and authentic character.

Here you get the chance to practice Chinese because most people in the street don’t speak foreign languages.

On the other hand, there are international enterprises, Western restaurants, and different foreigners, mostly working in the education field.

If you feel lonely or nostalgic, you can find someone from the Fuzhou expat community at the Shengfu Auditorium cinema.

Plus, there are quite a few nightclubs and bars with cheap beer and great atmosphere like the Party bar.


Fuzhou city, China
Fuzhou Vanke Yongtai Residential park