Teach English in Qingdao

What we offer

  • Salary starting from 9000 up to 18,000 RMB (depends on your qualification, nationality, education, skills, experience, level of English, etc.)
  • Free accommodation
  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Visa assistance
  • Salary increase after 1 year contract
  • At least 50% reimbursement of your costs for COVID-19 tests when coming to China
  • $450 USD contract completion bonus
  • Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation)
  • Pre-job training, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China


English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

Energetic, outgoing, and passionate

Enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others

No TEFL/TESOL or Bachelor's degree required!

More about our program

Our Hiring Process: Interview with a recruiter > Self-introduction video > Offer > Contract > Flight tickets > Visa documents > Teaching in China

Average teaching hours per week: 20-25 teaching hours & 15 office time hours

What is the job type? Kindergarten education, training centers and language schools (3-12 years old kids)

Average cost of living per month: $400-700 USD (2800 - 4900 RMB) depending on your lifestyle, accommodation is free

Start-up Cost: Flight ticket + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary (~$400 USD)

Flight Reimbursement: Flight ticket reimbursement after 6 months (the amount should not exceed 5000 RMB)


The average cost of local rentals is between 2,000 and 3,000 RMB ($300 – $400) per month, which is not very expensive.

However, the good news is that jobs for foreigners in Qingdao always include either an allowance or provide you with a free apartment.

For many positions the allowance doesn’t exceed 2,000 RMB, so:

  • We will help you find an apartment in Qingdao within your budget.
  • Chinese agents will send you pictures of available apartments so that you could choose yours. All of them are Western style, furnished and well-equipped.
  • We only offer you placed from safe Qingdao neighborhoods, close to the school and shops.
  • Save some money and accept someone teaching English at a Chinese school as a roommate: living with another foreigner can be useful, especially if you pick someone with previous Chinese experience who could show you around.

Don’t forget about the bills, which is $48 – $57 per month. The school won’t cover these expenses.

Apply Now to Teach English in Qingdao

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What is it like to live in Qingdao?

This green city located on the Yellow Sea coast is known for its beautiful buildings and the local beer festival. Looking for a big city with all the luxuries of the seaside and high-quality air? Qingdao is the place!

Being quite a populated one, it has a very developed job market, so coming here as a foreigner you will have lots of options.

Qingdao teaching jobs are to be found at 200 + institutions around the city, which include colleges, elementary and middle establishments, high schools, kindergartens, plus 90 ESL training courses.

Applying to international schools is the easiest way to start teaching English as a foreign language in China and offer the best wages.

Teach English in Qingdao

What Makes Qingdao Unique?

  • Population: 9 million
  • Language: Mandarin + local dialects
  • Public transport: international airport, high-speed railways station, ferry terminal, subway (4 lines), buses, taxis
  • Climate: temperate monsoon with distinct seasons

The Qingdao city, located in the Shandong province, is truly among the most picturesque cities in East China. Its beaches and German architecture make it popular with tourists, while its climate and infrastructure attract foreigners, eager to teach English in China.

Qingdao English teaching jobs
Tian Men Shan Temple
Teaching English in Qingdao

What is so special about this location?

Extremely livable

Probably, the very first impression you get is about the atmosphere, which is very relaxed here. Although, it’s a relatively big city (not in Chinese terms, of course), the pace of life is slower, than in megalopolises like Guangzhou.

Plus, living in Qingdao, you sometimes feel in Europe, because of all the German buildings in the Old town, and numerous coffee shops, shopping areas and bars.

Lots of fun!

Do you know the most renowned beer brand in China? It’s Tsingtao. Doesn’t it sound familiar?! Coming here might be the decision of your life: you’ll get to enjoy yourself, attend the famous Beer festival aka the Asian Oktoberfest, which is held in summer.

Such events attract thousands of tourists and are a great chance to meet someone from the Qingdao expat community or make friends with someone from abroad and show them the city.

the famous Beer festival in Qingdao aka the Asian Oktoberfest

Excellent air

Coastal cities are usually way cleaner and happen to be less polluted, than other places closer to the center of the country.

Air quality index in Qingdao is usually between 42 and 87, which is considered “good”. In January, it may seem slightly polluted on some days, however, it’s nothing compared to bigger cities.

Plan your free time!

Living here as a foreign employee, you won’t risk wasting your days off by lying on a couch. Thanks to the friendly Qingdao weather, you can spend morning hours at the beach from May to September!

The Zhanqiao Pier and Golden Sandy beach are the ideal spots. When you get tired or tanned enough, take a walk to the Mont Lao or the Zhan Shan temple.

Old German quarters are very picturesque with the local cathedral. Badaguan is also worth a visit!

The Zhanqiao Pier Golden Sandy beach

Not too hot

Good news is that the Qingdao climate is very temperate and not too humid.

Seasons are distinct, but in summer the heat never gets annoying and heavy – average maximum is 28 C (82 F), while in winter it rarely gets colder than -3 C (27 F) in January.

Rainfall is relatively frequent – 12 days in July, autumn and winter are quite windy and dry.

Enjoy local food

Shandong cuisine is known for its exquisite seafood dishes and delicious soups.

Teaching English in Qingdao, you get the chance to taste a wide variety of cooking styles – typical for the province, like the creamy celery soup or sea cucumbers with shallots, famous Shanghai dishes and international food like meatsticks, you can try at Muslim restaurants in different Qingdao districts!

braised sea cucumber and-sliced abalone with vegetables

Save money

That’s easy because when you work in Qingdao as an English teacher, you can’t help being amazed at how much you can afford. The cost of living is very low in the region: a monthly bus/subway pass is $11, a meal at a mid-range restaurant is about the same price, plus local beer is cheap - $1 per 0.5 liter!

Explore China!

Another perk about Qingdao is that jobs for foreigners offer you both the time and financial possibilities to travel a lot. You can get to Beijing in about 5 hours with a $50 fare, to Shanghai for $77 or to Seoul for as little as $106!