Teach English in Shanghai

What we offer

  • Salary starting from 9000 up to 18,000 RMB (depends on your qualification, nationality, education, skills, experience, level of English, etc.)
  • Free accommodation
  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Visa assistance
  • Salary increase after 1 year contract
  • At least 50% reimbursement of your costs for COVID-19 tests when coming to China
  • $450 USD contract completion bonus
  • Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation)
  • Pre-job training, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China


English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

Energetic, outgoing, and passionate

Enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others

No TEFL/TESOL or Bachelor's degree required!

More about our program

Our Hiring Process: Interview with a recruiter > Self-introduction video > Offer > Contract > Flight tickets > Visa documents > Teaching in China

Average teaching hours per week: 20-25 teaching hours & 15 office time hours

What is the job type? Kindergarten education, training centers and language schools (3-12 years old kids)

Average cost of living per month: $400-700 USD (2800 - 4900 RMB) depending on your lifestyle, accommodation is free

Start-up Cost: Flight ticket + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary (~$400 USD)

Flight Reimbursement: Flight ticket reimbursement after 6 months (the amount should not exceed 5000 RMB)


As a rule, Shanghai teaching jobs provide the hired specialist with free housing or offer a fixed monthly allowance (around $430). Our agency is there to help you choose the place you like and rent it before the arrival so that you wouldn’t have to look for a temporary place or book a hotel room.

  • We will look for an apartment, that suits your needs. Is the family traveling with you or not? Ready to share the place with another teacher or wish to rent a private apartment? What kind of district and style do you prefer?
  • You are going to choose the place yourself – we will send pictures of a few available apartments and answer your questions.
  • The school will pay for it, so you rent whatever you like.
  • We only offer apartments in safe districts, not far from metro stations/ bus stops, so that getting to work or going out afterward would be easy and as fast as possible.

Since rent is a bit more expensive here than in some other cities, many foreigners teaching in Shanghai stick to flat-sharing: its cheap (will surely be covered by the monthly allowance) and more fun, because you don’t feel lonely and have someone by your side. It may be useful if your flatmate has lived in the city for some time and already knows ins and outs of how things work.

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What is it like to live in Shanghai?

Shanghai is rich and it’s growing fast. The city is considered one of the top job markets around the globe, so if you want a place, where you can easily find a well-paid position, it’s a great option.

As there are over 24 million inhabitants here, you can imagine how enormous is the number of English schools in Shanghai! There are over 240 middle and high schools since around 20% of the population are under 18 years old.

35 of them are international schools, which means, that all teachers are English speakers, subjects are taught in this international language.

There are over 300 language centers, constantly looking for experienced teachers or English speakers willing to start a career in education.

Don’t forget about kindergartens, preschools and early development centers, full of opportunities for those foreigners, who enjoy working with small kids.

Being bilingual is a very popular idea in modern China, so many parents want their children to begin to learn foreign languages as early as possible. So a native or a non-native with a good level can easily find hundreds of English teaching jobs in Shanghai.

Shanghai nightlife

What Makes Shanghai Unique?

  • Population: 24 million
  • Public Transportation: 2 international airports, 4 major train stations, 16 subway lines, thousands of bus routes & taxis
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Subtropical, with four seasons – hot summers and mild winters

You love diversity and the hustle and bustle of big cities? Shanghai might be where you belong.

Imagine a city with a 24-million population – isn’t it huge? We bet, it’s bigger, than anything you’ve ever seen in your life (except for Tokyo and Delhi if you were lucky enough to visit them)!

But it’s not the size that makes this Chinese city so special – it’s the spirit of the place, the fantastic mix of old and modern, of traditions and latest trends, of Asian culture and innovations from the West.

Whoever gets to work in Shanghai, notices how unpredictable, diverse and full of life it is!

Shanghai City Landscape view
Shanghai busy hours and streets
Shanghai cultural diversity

Here is why Shanghai is definitely going to steal your heart:

One of the largest job markets in the world

Here you are likely to find your dream position among the best offers ever!

You’ll only need $627 to live comfortably

China is actually one of the best countries to live and work because here you can earn well without having to spend too much. Shanghai offers you even more opportunities, but prices stay very reasonable.

A brunch will only cost about $11, while a fast-food meal won’t be more expensive, than $5,43. Rent is higher than in most cities, but jobs in Shanghai for foreigners usually offer free housing, so it won’t be a problem.

It’s futuristic

Walk in the downtown to admire 100-story skyscrapers and get a chance to enter the famous 632-meter high Shanghai Tower.

Xin Tian Di

It’s the old district, which won’t disappoint those, who seek beautiful architecture. Here modernity meets with the past, and the fusion is amazing!

Xin Tian Di district

There are villages inside

Come to Zhujiajiao or the ancient town of Qibao, which are both old and don’t look like anything else in Shanghai! These are famous water towns with traditional houses and temples. Don’t miss your chance to taste local lotus roots and green soybeans.

Bridge at Nanxi Street over Puhuitang River, Qibao

One of the best public transport systems in the world!

Shanghai Metro – now counting 16 lines – keeps expanding every year; there are thousands of buses and trolleys too, all paid for with a special card.

Art is everywhere

In fact, one of the reasons, why Shanghai is so populated, is because of it’s an important cultural center. Visit the Power Station of Art or one of the M50 galleries. For those who like the communist past of the country, the Propaganda art center is highly recommended!

Sweet and delicious!

Shanghai dishes are less spicy than traditional Sichuan ones. Xiaolong dumplings with broth, fried noodles with vegetables and fantastic Cong you bing pancakes are some of the many specialties, recommended to newcomers.

Shanghai spring fried oil noodles