Teach English in Tianjin

What we offer

  • Salary starting from 9000 up to 18,000 RMB (depends on your qualification, nationality, education, skills, experience, level of English, etc.)
  • Free accommodation
  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Visa assistance
  • Salary increase after 1 year contract
  • At least 50% reimbursement of your costs for COVID-19 tests when coming to China
  • $450 USD contract completion bonus
  • Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation)
  • Pre-job training, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China


English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

Energetic, outgoing, and passionate

Enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others

No TEFL/TESOL or Bachelor's degree required!

More about our program

Our Hiring Process: Interview with a recruiter > Self-introduction video > Offer > Contract > Flight tickets > Visa documents > Teaching in China

Average teaching hours per week: 20-25 teaching hours & 15 office time hours

What is the job type? Kindergarten education, training centers and language schools (3-12 years old kids)

Average cost of living per month: $400-700 USD (2800 - 4900 RMB) depending on your lifestyle, accommodation is free

Start-up Cost: Flight ticket + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary (~$400 USD)

Flight Reimbursement: Flight ticket reimbursement after 6 months (the amount should not exceed 5000 RMB)


Even though Tianjin is the biggest waterfront city and the fourth most populated one in China, rental prices are very low. You can easily find a cozy place outside the city center for $250 a month plus around $62 – $69 for electricity.

But the good news about jobs in Tianjin for foreigners is that they don’t have to pay – teachers get free housing or a monthly allowance.

In this case, they can share a luxurious apartment with a fellow foreigner and save extra cash.

  • All newcomers get to choose the place to their taste. Apartments are always Western style, in safe areas and close to the school and attractions.
  • There will be an agent to help you with documents and the research.
  • You can get a bigger apartment if you are coming with your family.

Actually, teaching English as a foreign language in China, you get more, than anywhere else around the globe – both good salary and perks like free rent and bonuses.

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ESL Jobs in Tianjin

Many foreigners wonder where to teach English in China since the country is huge and the list of cities endless.

You might try to look for jobs in Tianjin, one of the four municipalities and most populated cities in China. There are around 200 public schools and 49 official international language centers.

Finding a well-paid position here is fairly easy because the demand for foreign languages is extreme these days. Both state and private institutions are usually fully equipped, have all the necessary teaching material and devices.

Enthusiasts from abroad, willing to teach English in Tianjin, are always needed, highly valued and receive a hearty welcome from the local schools, where they get good salaries and extra bonuses, free trips and possibilities for professional development.

Tianjin Radio Tower

What Makes Tianjin Unique?

  • Language: Mandarin + local dialects
  • Population: over 15 million
  • Public Transport: international airport, 4 major train stations, subway (6 lines), buses, taxi
  • Climate: temperate, affected by monsoons

The Tianjin city is known to be the ancient port of Beijing. Now it’s a developed and independent city, where you can find whatever you like: Chinese monuments, Western-style architecture, a giant Ferris wheel, traditional tea houses, beautiful parks and so much more.

Living in Tianjin
Tianjin nightlife
English teaching jobs in Tianjin

Pleasant weather

Foreigners, living in Tianjin, note that summers tend to be rather agreeable, as the temperature rarely surpasses 27 C (82 F).

Winters are rather cold (but you won’t freeze) and snowy and can last up to 160 days. So if you are used to this kind of climate, coming here is a good idea.

Tasty cooking!

The Tianjin cuisine is known to be delicious, nourishing and healthy.

You’ll enjoy such local specialties, as Goubuli (steamed dumplings with lots of meat/vegetables inside and less oil) or the Chinese New Year snack Tangdui made of grilled hawthorn berries filled with red bean paste, nuts, and seeds.

To tell you the truth about teaching English in China, many foreigners put on weight after a couple of years spent here, because the food is really remarkable and cheap – the prices in restaurants range from $3 to $9 for a meal!

Goubuli (steamed dumplings with lots of meat/vegetables inside and less oil)
Chinese New Year snack Tangdui made of grilled hawthorn berries filled with red bean paste, nuts and seeds.

What to do in Tianjin after work?

Living here is not all about office hours and eating, because the city is huge and full of wonders. You can go for a coffee to the beautiful Victorian style Astor Hotel on the Haihe riverside, and then take a walk around the Cultural square.

You can also leave the city to explore the Eastern part of the Great Wall (less crowded, but as picturesque, as the more touristic parts).

Eastern part of the Great Wall

Go further!

Don’t forget, that being here, you live only 90 minutes away from the capital! Find a job in Tianjin and get to spend weekends in Beijing, getting all the advantages the capital has to offer. Catch a plane to Shanghai or Seoul on vacation, because that’s something you totally can afford, working full-time.

Beijing city landscape view

Lower cost of living

Rent is 53% lower here than in Beijing, and meals at restaurants cost 17,3% less, which means, that ESL teaching jobs Beijing has to offer, are not nearly as beneficial, as TEFL jobs in Tianjin.

With the average salary of 10,000 RMB ($1,500), you spend maximum $20 on food per day, monthly transport pass is $16 (45% cheaper) and you’ll get to save 22% on bills every month.

Increasing demand for foreign specialists

In fact, the number of ESL jobs in Tianjin for 2018 was higher, than the previous year and is expected to grow in 2019.

If you speak with a good accent and enjoy teaching, you’ll be satisfied with the variety of jobs in Tianjin for English speakers.

The conditions are good, the pay is high, plus foreign educators are very well-regarded in China.

Many people actually admit that you’ll never feel so much comfort and respect in a classroom outside this country.

Even if you choose to teach English in China with no experience, be prepared for a lot of hard work, but it will surely be rewarded by the progress, attention, and admiration of your students.