Teach English in Wenzhou

Benefits and requirements

  • Education:
    No Bachelor degree is required but will be a benefit to get a higher salary
  • TEFL Certification:
    TEFL/TESOL Certification is preferred but not necessary since we provide a free certificate (online or offline at your choice) when you arrive and start your work at a school
  • Other requirements:
    English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing

    Willingness to stay with the school for 12 or 15 months
    Passion for teaching, indulgence, genuine interest for Chinese culture and an open mind
  • Peak Hiring Months:
  • Types of Jobs:
    Public schools, Colleges, International institutions, Language centers, Kindergartens, and Montessori schools
  • Citizenship Requirements: 
    Citizenship from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa typically required. We also hire non-native English speakers with fluent English from other countries.
  • Typical Hiring Process:
    Interview by Skype, Self-introduction video, CV
  • Average teaching hours per week:
    20-30 hours of classroom & extra prep time
  • Types of Students:
    Kindergarten education, business professionals, school children, private students,
  • Cost of Living per Month:
    $600 - 900 USD (4,200 - 6,200 RMB), accommodation is free
  • Additional benefits and perks:
    7000 RMB contract completion bonus, Health insurance,
    Airport pickup, Overtime pay, Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation), Help with a bank account, taxes, paying bills, officials and doctors, Pre-job training, Salary increase + yearly bonuses for teachers who stay with the employer, Well-equipped classrooms, All necessary teaching materials, 24/7 phone support during your stay in China
  • Average Monthly Pay:
    Salary up to 12,000 RMB
    (depends on your schedule, experience, level of English, etc.)
  • Start-up Cost:
    Flight tickets to Beijing + money for the first month of living in China until you get the first salary of $1,000 - 1,300 USD (6,800 – 9,000 RMB)
  • Potential to Save or Break-even:
    Typical monthly savings range from $600 - 1,750 USD/Mo
  • Accommodation Benefits:
    We provide free accommodation to all our teachers (usually very close to the place of work)
  • Flight Reimbursement:
    Flight ticket reimbursement after 9 months (the amount should not exceed 3000 RMB)
  • Vacation - Paid 2 weeks & sick days, national holidays, including Chinese New Year
  • Visas:
    Z Visa is the legal work visa to teach in China, however, teachers may work on other visas depending on their qualifications. We reimburse you the visa fee after 6 months of the contract

Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Wenzhou

  • Public schools and kindergartens
  • Private institutions
  • Colleges
  • Training centers

When you look at the list of available jobs, you ask yourself: is it possible to teach adults in Wenzhou at all? It is.

However, it’s true, that the demand for foreigners willing to teach children is higher because many grown-ups don’t even have the time or resources to learn.

Plus, it’s common for the Chinese to educate their children from a very young age in hope of a better career and future.

Whatever age group you choose, the good news is that to teach English in China no experience is usually required.

Candidates with certification and something on their CV are preferred and can count on a better salary and bonuses, but even without these your chances are pretty good!

What really counts is your ability to break the ice in class, be funny, relaxed and creative. In fact, some employers even list these qualities on a vacancy for teaching English in primary schools in Wenzhou!

It’s vital to make a change in the universe of Chinese education, get as far as possible from boring exercises and endless reading and repeating.

Modern schools have collections of different ESL games and interactive activities for children and adults, which are both fun and useful.

Don’t hesitate to bring them to your students or even invent something on your own!

What is the typical schedule like?

As a full-time teacher, you are usually expected to work 5 days a week.

Working hours may depend: international school Wenzhou jobs prefer applicants available in the evening (till 9 pm), and those who are ready to teach on Saturdays and Sundays.

That’s when they have the most students, especially adults.

Days off are negotiated individually: every employee can have 2 days off every week, but they fall on different workdays. Staying at home on weekends is impossible in most cases.

Things are different for those teaching in Wenzhou at public and private schools: you start early (around 8 am or even 7 am).

But in exchange, you get to finish in the afternoon and be back home by 5 pm or 6 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are free from work, so you can arrange meetings with friends or plan a trip.

Plus, during a typical workday, you have a 2-hour lunch break to eat in peace and even have a nap.

How much can you earn in Wenzhou?

The reason why so many foreigners come to teach English in China is that salary is actually not bad at all.

However, salaries at public schools are usually lower than those, offered by Wenzhou international school jobs, plus the latter often have extra bonuses and more diverse opportunities for foreign teachers.

Anyway, no matter what type of school they work at, teachers can always afford restaurant meals, going out and traveling.

Living in Wenzhou as a foreigner you may expect a salary between 9,000 RMB ($1,300) and 12,000 RMB ($1,750).

You can actually live very well with $350 – 400 per month, which means that you can put by a few hundred regularly for vacation and shopping.

Teaching English in Wenzhou
English teaching jobs in Wenzhou
ESL jobs in Wenzhou

What to expect from your role as an English teacher in Wenzhou

  • Teach 5 days per week
  • 10 – 25 class hours (public school jobs in Wenzhou require maximum hours)
  • Up to 15 office hours
  • Class size: depends on the status of the school, between 8 and 50 students
  • Students: children, teens, grown-ups
  • Perform regular classes, conversation clubs and demos for new students
  • Help with placement testing
  • Plan lessons
  • Check homework and tests
  • Provide individual feedback, meet students’ parents
  • Use modern approach and audio materials
  • Interactive activities, games and develop communication skills in class
  • Attend social events
Jobs for foreigners in Wenzhou
Wenzhou English teaching jobs
ESL teaching jobs in Wenzhou


Apartments usually cost $220 – $350 per month, but if you work in Wenzhou as an English teacher, you’ll get free housing!

Although you’ll still have to pay bills – $27 or $30 every month – the school will save you an extra couple of hundred dollars for even more traveling and fun!

  • All apartments are Western style, furnished and with necessary conveniences.
  • We understand that finding an apartment in Wenzhou on your own might be difficult. If the school doesn’t provide ready options, we will help you find a place through our local agents.
  • You’ll get to see pictures and choose the place you like.
  • We guarantee that our teachers live in safe and nice Wenzhou neighborhoods, with shops and close to the school they work at.
Free housing for English teacher in Wenzhou
Great appartement for ESL teacher in Wenzhou

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What is it like to live in Wenzhou?

The Wenzhou city is developed and rich and is considered a cultural center of Zhejiang.

Situated on the coast of the East China Sea, it has been an economic center for centuries, thanks to trade and fishing. Local industry and goods are well-known around the country and beyond, especially electric appliances!

This is a truly international city, where you can easily meet expats from all around the globe, and where people are extremely open-minded and interested in the Western way of life.

There are hundreds of teaching jobs for foreigners in Wenzhou to choose from: the demand is constant because there are 60+ public and private institutions and over 50 international schools and courses.

Teach English in Wenzhou

What Makes Wenzhou Unique?

  • Population: 9 million
  • Language: Mandarin + Wenzhounese
  • Public transport: international airport, 2 railway stations, subway (1 line), ferry, buses, taxi
  • Climate: hot temperate

Thinking about signing a contract in Wenzhou, China? We are sure, that you won’t be disappointed with its natural treasures, breathtaking cityscape and delicious food.

Wenzhou night city view
Temple of the Filial Blessing in Ouhai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Shopping street in Wenzhou

Here is a list of the main advantages of working here:

Mild winters

As in almost every coastline city, local temperatures never go below 5 C (41 F), which is great news to those, who tend to catch colds too often or don’t enjoy the cold season.

The Wenzhou weather is quite hot and humid in summer: up to 32 C (89.6 F) on some days!

However, autumn and winter tend to be rather dry: less than 6 rainy days per month. Rare snow flakes, cool air and fresh breeze, isn’t it the best winter you could imagine?

Clean air

Compared to many bigger Chinese cities, pollution in Wenzhou is very low.

The index is between 42 and 100 most of the time, which means, that it’s relatively clean and healthy.

Living in Wenzhou

Cost of living in Wenzhou

Excluding rent (which is usually paid for by your school), you’ll be just fine, spending 50% of your wages at the most! A basic lunchtime menu is between $3 and $5 per person.

A pint of domestic beer costs less than a dollar and you can buy 500 g of chicken breast for as little as $1.79. A monthly gym pass is $89, while a bus pass is $15.

Lots to do in your free time!

Rent a boat and visit the Dongtou islands and the wetlands to admire beautiful landscapes (attention, some scenic spots are paid), walk around Wuma and East Gate streets or go to dine at La Luna to meet someone from the Wenzhou expat community.

If you want some fun, go to the local amusement park or spend some time at the Jiushan park, taking pictures of ancient pagodas!

Dongtou islands and the wetlands

Eating out is affordable

Walking around central Wenzhou districts you may want to try some local specialties and we totally recommend this!

It’s not only affordable for someone from overseas, but it’s tasty, unique et nutritious. Here are a few delicious dishes you’ve got to try: duck tongues, double-taste crabs, raw swimming crab, and sponge cakes!

As you can see, most of the ingredients are seafood, and that’s the main particularity of local cuisine. When you teach at a school in Wenzhou, you may find some of these at the canteen or be adventurous and eat out during lunch break – try something new every time and don’t be afraid!

If you want something really extraordinary, order salty fermented fish with rice.

Salty fermented fish with rice

Explore new places

Another great point about Wenzhou English teaching jobs is that you get to live by the sea and not that far from Taiwan and Japan.

A flight to Tokyo will cost $300 and a ticket to Shanghai – around $50. It’s a great opportunity to travel to Asia and spend money wisely!

Tourists at the beach of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province