Teach English in Wuhan

Compensation and salary

  • Monthly salary from 13,000 RMB to 18,600 RMB (experienced employees earn more)
  • Extra perks if you sign a 24-month contract right away
  • Salary increase + yearly bonuses for teachers who stay with the employer
  • Free accommodation within walking distance of the workplace
  • Help with Z visa and reimbursement of all related expenses
  • Welcome pack (SIM card, bank account, 1-month transport pass)
  • 13+15 days off per school year
  • Flight ticket reimbursement after the end of the contract (the amount should not exceed 3000 RMB)
  • 7000 RMB contract completion bonus
  • Airport pickup
  • Free health insurance (including Dental)
  • Guided tour around Beijing + tip about where to go in your district
  • Referral bonuses per person (if a new teacher is hired through your recommendation)
  • Extra pay for signing subsequent contracts
  • Summer class bonuses (per month): 500 RMB
  • Help with everything related to bureaucracy or medicine
  • Help with a bank account, taxes, paying bills, interacting with officials and doctors (if needed)
  • Well-equipped classrooms
  • Salary increase for each subsequent contract
  • 18 paid days off + 6 unpaid days per 1-year contract
  • Teacher pre-job and ongoing training and support
  • Free 120+ hour TEFL certification online or in China (if needed)
  • Cultural events

Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in Wuhan

  • Kindergartens
  • Primary/middle schools
  • Colleges
  • Language centers

The variety of English teaching jobs in Wuhan is quite impressive, with the number of positions and schools it’s easy to find an offer that meets your expectations.

Most of them, however, are for public schools or courses for children. The idea of language learning at an early age is very popular in China.

No matter who your students are it’s important to know the basics of teaching English as a foreign language: in modern education, it’s no longer about reading and translating or doing exercises, but more about imitating real-life situations, playing and conversing in the foreign language.

That’s why Wuhan international school jobs always require an international certificate and seek for creative applicants.

Is experience necessary?

When you start thinking about teaching English abroad, it may seem an impossible mission, if you lack experience and proper education. We’ll prove it’s not true!

In fact, the demand for teachers is so high nowadays, that many jobs in China accept candidates from all over the world, both native and non-native, students, fresh graduates and those who have just decided to become a mentor.

The main thing that enables you to teach at a school in Wuhan is your wish.

You can start teaching English in China with no experience or certification whatever – most schools will pay for the training and support you during your first weeks of classes.

It won’t be easy, but it’s totally worthwhile if you want to explore China and get to live there for some time.

However, there is another crucial thing: you won’t be able to teach English in China without a degree, but any Bachelor’s diploma will do!

Vacancy for teaching english in primary schools in Wuhan
Teaching jobs for foreigners in Wuhan
Teaching English in Wuhan

What is the typical schedule like?

Depending on the students you prefer and the type of institution you work for, working hours may differ. Morning hours and Monday-Friday workweek are typical for a vacancy for teaching English in primary schools in Wuhan.

In this case, you’ll start the day at 8 am and be home after 4 pm or 5 pm, so if you are an early bird and can’t stand working late hours, this is the perfect one. Free evenings and weekends, and lots of smiling kids around you 5 days per week are guaranteed.

However, things are completely different in language courses. As far as we know, many fresh teachers, who lack confidence with children or prefer grown-up groups, wonder “Is it possible to teach adults in Wuhan?”

Yes, it is, but opting for this type of students, be ready for another scenario: your days off won’t fall on the weekend and your workday will finish around 9 pm.

Night owls will appreciate the fact, that the day will usually start after 1 pm.

How much can you earn in Wuhan?

Feeling enthusiastic about teaching English in China? Your salary won’t disappoint you! Average foreigners’ wages in Wuhan are 18,000 RMB, which is equal to $2,600.

Of course, if you are inexperienced and look for work in Wuhan as an English teacher, you may expect your potential salary to be lower – between 10,000 RMB and 13,000 RMB, which is still awesome, because even with $1,500 you can afford regular trips, eating out, attending various events and other things.

What to expect from your role as an English teacher in Wuhan

  • Teach 5 days a week
  • Students: adults or young learners and teens (3 – 18 y.o.)
  • Class size: between 20 and 50 people (with international school Wuhan jobs you’ll have smaller classes than at public institutions)
  • Plan lessons, demos, conversation clubs
  • Write feedback, check tests and homework
  • Develop students’ confidence and communication skills in class
  • Use modern materials, especially board games, videos, etc
  • Promote the school, attend presentations, collaborate with the marketing department
Working in Wuhan as an English teacher
Teaching in a kindergarten in Wuhan
Wuhan english teaching jobs


Being a foreigner in Wuhan means to have access to benefits like free lunches and housing.

Even though rent is really not expensive here and you can easily find an apartment for $150 or $290 per month, it’s good to know, that your school is ready to cover these expenses and save you extra money.

Yes, both international and public school jobs in Wuhan will offer free private accommodation, but you will still have to pay your bills (around $40 monthly).

  • Beautiful and cozy Western-style apartment with furniture and equipment.
  • Not far from the school, the city center and shops. All teachers live in safe districts.
  • You can decide while you are still in your home country and get to move in upon arrival. A Chinese estate agent will send you pictures and discuss details.
  • The school will take care of the paperwork and other issues.
Great apartement for ESL teacher in Wuhan
Free housing for English teacher in Wuhan

Qualifications & Skills

According to the latest changes, foreigners interested in teaching English in China must meet these requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferably in education, but it’s not mandatory)
  • TEFL certificate (if you don’t have it yet, most teaching jobs for foreigners in Wuhan offer to pay for training)
  • Ready to stay with the school for at least 12 months
  • Preferably have 1+ year experience (especially with young learners)
  • Being a native is an advantage (however, non-natives with good language skills and accent are as much appreciated)
  • Friendly personality, easy-going, culturally aware, passionate about teaching

Apply Now to Teach English in Wuhan

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  2. Cover letter
  3. Photo
  4. Preferences (students’ age and schedule)
  5. Approximate availability date

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Submit your application today and we’ll make sure you’ll teach English in Wuhan with a reputable school!

What is it like to live in Wuhan?

The “Chinese Chicago”, located in the Hubei province, is number 8 on the list of the biggest cities in the country.

Being an important transport hub, the Wuhan city is also a financial and high-tech center, offering diverse possibilities to newcomers both in terms of culture and employment.

There are lots of jobs in Wuhan for foreigners, especially if you are looking for something in education. In total there are over 260 different institutions in the city, including public schools and colleges.

Currently, there are as many as 100 international centers and places, where they specialize in language teaching.

It’s relatively easy to find something on the market of Wuhan English teaching jobs both for qualified educators and inexperienced ones!


What Makes Wuhan Unique?

  • Language: Mandarin+local dialects
  • Population: more than 10,6 million
  • Public transport: international airport, 3 major railway stations, subway (3 lines), buses and taxis
  • Climate: humid subtropical

The millennial city is especially attractive to those, who wish to learn the language and explore the authentic Chinese culture, which is more traditional here, than in big coastal cities.

Wuhan English teaching jobs
Living in Wuhan
Wuhan, China

Here is why it is popular among foreigners:

Wuhan weather

In winter temperature rarely goes below 0 C (32 F), so the season is not extremely cold or snowy. Summers are muggy and the heat is sometimes annoying (up to 33 C or 91 F), but that’s what it’s like in the South-East.

The city is considered one of the “3 furnaces” of China, so air conditioning is vital as well as air purifiers! Autumns are usually drier than springs and summers, September has the minimum days of rainfall.


Being a metropolis, the city has lots to offer. Entertainment is not all about sightseeing, although this place is rich in history and beautiful sites like the emblematic Yellow Crane Tower, the Guiyuan Buddhist temple or the Provincial Museum.

Visit the Happy Valley amusement park or go out to meet with the Wuhan expat community at a bar or a tea house (this drink is very popular here – people often have tea during lunch and at 4 pm).

Nightlife and themed pubs are Wuhan’s special, so your evenings and Friday nights won’t be boring!


Yellow Crane tower

Cost of living in Wuhan

Everything is pretty affordable if you are a foreigner because prices tend to be very low: $2.44 – $7.5 for a restaurant meal, $0.74 for 0.5 liters (16 fl oz) of local beer. A monthly pass for buses/subway is only $22 and fitness clubs charge around $47.5 per month.

Have you eaten?

Local cuisine is a mix of three Chinese traditions, which include Shanghai cooking.

It’s delicious and nutritious, so we absolutely recommend you to try local specialties like chili-spiced pigeons, tang-bao soup buns and doupi (mushrooms, eggs, beans, beef and rice wrapped in soy skin).

Teaching English at a Chinese school you will be likely to receive snacks from your students, which is a sign of respect and admiration, plus you’ll get to try some more traditional snacks.

Life outside the classroom

The best thing you can do in your free time is learning Chinese, making new friends among locals and traveling! You will have weekends, holidays and personal days off to do that.

Don’t forget that as long as you stay in Wuhan, China is easily accessible via trains and domestic flights, which are not very expensive: a plane ticket to Beijing is $44, a bullet train to Shanghai is $46.5, taking only around 6 hours to get there.


Living in Wuhan, China