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United Kingdom

Harry, United Kingdom, Work and Live in China
Hello everyone!
The experience in China has been fantastic so far, I like the culture, the people and lots of opportunities to travel. Currently, I am teaching in Xuzhou, it is a very traditional city with beautiful parks and nature. The guys at Work and Live in China provided me with a non-stop support through all the process from visa to apartment rent. Coming here is definitely worth it!

United Kingdom

Tom Rawson from United Kingdom
Before I finish my degree
I decided to see the world and experience different cultures, and I thought living in China would be a great way to try that for several reasons: great economy and development, culture, people and salaries. Work and Live in China made it easy to apply and come here, and everything has been great so far. There are a lot of travelling opportunities as well, so come and enjoy!


Daniel teaching English in China
Coming here to see
the culture firsthand is probably one of the best things I've done in my life. The food is amazing, the people are so nice and kind, and the job is so much fun. Work and Live in China was of great help with everything - accommodation, training, transportation and a fast way of arranging everything to make me comfortable. If you love kids, this is one of the most fulfilling and fun jobs to do, and I would recommend anyone to come and experience it on your own. And Work and Live in China is the company you can trust to provide high salary and full support from the very application and during the whole contract.

United Kingdom

Hannah (Work and Live in China experience)
I chose to come to China
since I was looking for a new start in my life and I've been really interested in Chinese culture since high school. Work and Live in China has a straightforward process and that's what I was looking for. During my first week, I explored the city and learned how to teach English to Chinese kids. I really enjoy here and would recommend China to those who are looking for work abroad!


Ana (Work and Live in China experience)
I found out about teaching in China on Google, and since I love traveling a lot, I thought teaching English here would be a great opportunity to discover Chinese culture and history, see new places and make new friends. The Work and Live in China team is really supportive during my stay in China - communication with the school, accommodation, teaching materials. Everyone is welcoming and kind, and this is what I love China for.

United Kingdom

Haden from the United Kingdom - Work and Live in China experience
My name is Haden and I am from the North-West of England. I am currently working in a school in Changzhou teaching English to 3-12-year-olds. I am having the best time ever in China, I have the opportunity to travel, experience new culture and traditions, taste local food and make a lot of friends internationally. Work and Live in China is a great agency with professional recruiters, I am happy I chose them!

United Kingdom

Louis from the United Kingdom (Work and Live in China experience)
I really enjoy my stay,
in China. The salary is very good, I have a perfect apartment and have lots of opportunities here. The application was very easy, the job offer was great so I decided t give it shot. The guys were very helpful and friendly, got me through all the steps with visa and flight tickets, and the school I am teaching at is amazing. Everyone is very kind and welcoming.

United Kingdom

Ryan from United Kingdom (Work and Live in China experience)
I just want to say how much
Work and Live in China has helped me with and how they put me at ease with every step during my hiring process and visa application. I was having second thoughts about coming to China, but the guys made me comfortable with this decision. The apartment is great, the food is amazing and teaching is not hard at all. I am having a great time teaching English in Xi'an!

United Kingdom

Andy from the United Kingdom - Work and Live in China experience
Thanks to Work and Live in China I am currently teaching in a great kindergarten in Weihai. I first arrived in Beijing they met me at the airport and booked me a hotel for free for 2 days before I traveled to my city of work. The service is fantastic, the guys are very professional, and helped me with settling in with the culture, work, and tourist destinations. I hope to stay with them for a long time in China.


Jason, our ESL teacher from Canada
Hey there!
I came to China about 3 years ago through Work and Live in China. There are so many advantages of working with them: I was provided with a nice single apartment, the salary is high and I can save money for the trips around China, I did not have teaching experience and they got me through 2 weeks training for ESL teachers. I would highly recommend working with them, you won't regret.
Mark, our ESL teacher from United Kingdom
MarkUnited Kingdom
Work and Live in China has a lots of schools and kindergartens to choose from, in almost any province and city around China, and they vary greatly in quality. Before coming to China I had a lot of doubts about salary, accommodation, support upon arrival, or being alone in an unfamiliar culture and environment. And I was happy I chose to work with Work and Live in China, they do a great job helping with every step of coming to China - from Visa to ESL teacher training and onboardings to prepare you for teaching. Keep it up, guys, you are awesome!
English teachers jobs in Shenzhen
KyleSouth Africa
I had a great time working in China for a year in Guangzhou middle school. It is a great way to experience a country and the people who live there without the tourist treatment. The company streamlines the visa process and are very professional. The work is not that easy at first, you have to keep up with teaching material, prepare lessons, check homework, attend trainings and coachings for ESL teachers. But eventually you get used to all the routines and start enjoying this wonderful country. Just come and try!
Rachel teaching English in China kindergarten
Whether you're a first-time teacher or have 20 years experience, this company will most certainly provide you with great career opportunities unlike any other education company in China.
Sergey teaching kids in Beijing school
Thanks, guys for picking me up at the airport and finding a job. Grateful for keeping in touch at any time and helping when it's needed. The environment at school is warm. People here are very kind. Everything went smoothly.
William teaching a class in China
I have never seen myself as someone standing in front of 30 students and teaching English. But at the time I stepped up into this new career opportunity when I lost my job in the US, I did not know how amazing this experience would be. I love being in China. This is such a pivotal time in this country's future, and being here to feel the change is unmatchable.
People in China are very friendly
It’s great to work with Work and Live in China. Being a teacher can be busy and fast-paced, but also fun. On my days off, there's always something to see and do in Shanghai. The cultural diversity is stunning, and kids I teach are so much fun that I never regret coming here. Thank you guys for everything!
James teaching English in China kindergarten
JamesSouth Africa
The agency is very upfront and honest about things. If they know something, they will tell you. China might not be a paradise to live, there are a lot of cultural peculiarities, and it is challenging - moving to an Asian country for a year where you don’t have family or close friends. Luckily, Work and Live in China do everything they can to make you comfortable. Good job!
Mia, our ESL teacher from South Africa
MiaSouth Africa
You may have a positive impression about China or may not, but it’s unforgettable. It’s nothing like any other countries I travelled to. Work and Live in China is a great company to enter into China with because it takes so many worries away. If you are looking to move up or start teaching English as a second language, I would recommend them.
Kyle with kids in a schoolyard
I have never worked as a teacher, but at some point, I thought “Why not trying? Maybe this is something I will enjoy”. I knew it would be hard at first, with no experience, degree, certification, but I was eager and determined, and that’s the trick. You don’t need to be high-qualified teacher with 5+ years of experience to start teaching in China. Everyone can find a decent job, and Work and live in China helped me to find one. You can climb the ladder of success with hands in your pocket. Same with ESL teaching. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. Getting used to technical problems can be trying, but the students are usually worth it, as many of them will grow to be fast friends of yours and regulars. It's a job that requires dedication as well as getting up early, since most of the best hours to work are between 6-11am. I am thankful to Work and Live in China fr all the support and guidance they gave me.
Jasmine teaching kinds English in Hong Kong
Hey. How is it going? I'm Jasmine. I have been teaching English in China for nearly two years. China is awesome! People are very friendly. I have never ever thought that I would someday be in China teaching little Chinese kids. So I am very happy with my life at the moment. Thank you guys for everything.
Teaching English in Xuzhou kindergarten
Overall my experience with Work and Live in China was phenomenal. Would definitely recommend. I made so many wonderful new friends from around the world - that alone was such an amazing experience and gift.
Julia, our Work and Live in China teacher for kids
I'm a teacher in a training center. I got my job before coming to China. Work here is really pleasant. I work in Suzhou. Living here is much cheaper than in big cities, like Shanghai and Beijing. This city is very beautiful. I’ve got many friends here. Thanks!
Linda teaching kids in kindergarten, China
LindaSouth Africa
What I liked about Work and Live in China when I was considering dozens of recruiting agencies is that they provide a full package of services and you literally just purchase a flight ticket, which is anyway compensated with salary and bonuses. The customer services is good, always in touch, very competent and skilled recruiters who live in China and know everything behind the scenes. I would recommend them for sure.
Teaching kids in Xuzhou, China
When I decided I want to teach abroad, China was something so distant and unclear to me. Where am I going to live? What am I going to eat? What about friends and other foreigners? Do I have to learn Chinese? What if I don’t make enough money to live there? Work and Live in China simply dispelled my doubts. I am happy with the teaching position I got here, and the job package is great - you get free housing, flight allowance, visa compensation, subway card, bank account, they help you with all the paperwork to prepare for coming to China, train you ESL teaching peculiarities in China. I’m having a great time in Shanghai, and plan to stay for the second year.
Jeremy, our ESL teacher from Canada
Work and Live in China provides many opportunities for people who come to teach in China - you just have to be proactive. There are many teacher events that you can participate in, and even organize if you have an idea! There are opportunities to obtain higher certifications and career advancement too. You're always paid on time and if you use your days off wisely and around the national holidays, you're able to take 3 or 4 vacations per year!
Brian, our ESL teacher from United Kingdom
BrianUnited Kingdom
Teaching English in China was an amazing experience. An opportunity to be immersed in a new language, culture, and be out of your comfort zone. It is something I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life. The children become such a big part of your life and show you how to slow down the pace of your life and remember to enjoy your life at the same time.
Teach English in China programs
I chose Work and Live in China because one of my friends who worked in Suzhou at that time recommended their service. I was new to "world traveling" and I wanted to be certain that I would be safe and able to support myself. I heard horror stories about visas not being legal, people not getting paid and having to work longer than agreed upon hours. Everything Work and Live in China stated in the contract was carried out with no issues. I was beyond grateful for my placement in Hangzhou, the center in which I worked, the colleagues I worked with and the students I interacted with.
Liam teaching kids in kindergarten
I find nothing more amazing than the team that is put together by this company. I've met people who have spent their whole lives traveling the world, others who haven't been outside of their home state or country until one day packed up and moved to China. The result of all this, is this crazy, beautiful, mix of people that all want a little more out of life, and most importantly, is a group that can be put in any sticky situation possible, and solve it in no time laughing the entire way.

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