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Work and Live in China is a recruitment agency specializing in finding the best ESL jobs for English speakers in China.

We provide free accommodation, a good salary package, and full support in getting a visa and necessary documents.

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Weihai, Taizhou, Foshan, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nantong, Nanjing, Dalian, Hainan province, and many more cities have open vacancies now!

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Why Work and Live in China?

Applying with us you get a lot of bonuses and benefits including:

  • Salary 9000 -17000 RMB (~$1300-2500 USD) depending on your education, skills, and qualification

  • Free accommodation

  • 5000 RMB contract completion bonus

  • Visa fee and flight ticket reimbursement

  • Welcome pack (SIM card, bank account, training, teaching materials, and 24/7 support)

  • Free TEFL certificate

  • Loyalty bonus and salary increase for each subsequent contract and much more

How our programs work

Our working processin 5 steps

Work and Live in China is a teacher recruitment agency, specializing in assisting English teachers with finding the best teaching jobs in China.


You fill out the application form on our website.or call our hotline


When looking for a job in China, your video will help us to get you the best offer


Set up the time with our recruiter and pass a Skype interview for a teaching job


We help you to get a visa and get all the necessary documents for legal work


Come to China and start working as an English teacher in one of our schools

How the program starts

Here's what our teachers say about working with us

United Kingdom

Harry, United Kingdom, Work and Live in China
Hello everyone!
The experience in China has been fantastic so far, I like the culture, the people and lots of opportunities to travel. Currently, I am teaching in Xuzhou, it is a very traditional city with beautiful parks and nature. The guys at Work and Live in China provided me with a non-stop support through all the process from visa to apartment rent. Coming here is definitely worth it!

What are the top locations to teach English in China?

Teach in Beijing

Capital city Beijing is the nation's political, economic, and cultural center and has the highest demand for English teachers in China. Cultural highlights include the world-famous Forbidden City and Summer Palace, but you’ll also want to take time to explore the city’s lesser-known corners. Traditional narrow streets, known as hutongs are great places to soak up the local atmosphere and sample Beijing’s awesome street food including, of course, Peking duck. The weather in Beijing is typically dry, getting very cold in winter and hot in summer.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.59
  • Coffee: $4.43
  • Cheap Meal: $4.43

Teach in Shanghai

Megacity Shanghai is known for its forward-thinking outlook, bustling atmosphere and a famous skyline filled with modern skyscrapers. China’s most populous city has four distinct seasons, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. There’s no shortage of things to do in Shanghai, but highlights include great shopping, nightlife, and an international atmosphere--the city even has its own Disneyland. International cuisine isn’t hard to find, but for a local specialty, try the soup dumplings.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.59
  • Coffee: $4.20
  • Cheap Meal: $5.16

Teach in Guangzhou

Known as the capital of the world, Guangzhou was historically China’s only port open to foreign countries. These days its international heritage is reflected in the mix of nationalities living in the city. While home to typical Cantonese cuisines such as dim sum and egg noodles, Guangzhou’s cultural mix has also made it a hub of fusion cuisine and a great city for foodies. Guangzhou’s climate is subtropical, meaning hot, wet summers and mild winters.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.29
  • Coffee: $3.37
  • Cheap Meal: $2.91

Teach in Shenzhen

Shenzhen became a city only 40 years ago and has since gained a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative tech hubs. Summers are generally hot and rainy, and winters are mild--the perfect time to curl up with some local dim sum or a bowl of traditional rice porridge known as congee. With beaches, mountains and Hong Kong all within reach, Shenzhen is also a great base for weekend trips.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.29
  • Coffee: $0.35
  • Cheap Meal: $0.34

Teach in Chengdu

Chengdu might be a large city, but it’s known for its easy-going reputation, typified in the local tea house culture. Green tea grown in the Himalayan foothills is local specialty, as is spicy, Sichuan hot pot. With more than 30 universities in the city, Chengdu has a relatively young population meaning plenty of youth culture and nightlife. However, you’ll find the most adorable young population slightly out of town--at the Giant Panda Research Breeding Base.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.29
  • Coffee: $3.85
  • Cheap Meal: $2.76

Teach in Hangzhou

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in China, Hangzhou has a wealth of natural and historical sites to explore. West Lake is a local natural beauty spot and also the source of the most famous local dish: West Lake fish in sweet and sour sauce. The city itself is filled with stunning pagodas, temples and cherry blossoms in spring. Summers are hot and humid in Hangzhou and winters are mild.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.29
  • Coffee: $4.35
  • Cheap Meal: $2.90

Teach in Tianjin

Close to Beijing, Tianjin is a large city known for its pretty river promenade and mix of Chinese, modern and European colonial architecture. For a glimpse of Chinese folk style architecture, take a walk down Tianjin Ancient Culture Street where you can also stock up on locally produced jewelry and ceramics. Winters in Tianjin and cold and humid and summers are hot and dry. The local specialty in this river city is seafood.

  • Public transport ticket: $0.29
  • Coffee: $4.35
  • Cheap Meal: $2.90

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